Welcome to Marich Pass Field Studies Centre.

The Marich Pass Field Studies Centre is located on a site of natural beauty. Our centre, which has been here since 1990, is in the midst of the Pokot people who only recently have had any significant contact with a modern economy. 


The Centre's development has been sensitively integrated to complement its surroundings, both physically and culturally. From our inception, we believed in working alongside the local community and blending with the natural environment.


Our 20 strong workforce is local. Site clearance and construction has been labour intensive with the wheelbarrow as the highest form of mechanisation we ever used. Much of our construction material was collected from the immediate vicinity, with bricks being made on site. We purchase most of our food fresh from local markets and farmers. Our tour guides are all from the local Pokot and Turkana tribes.


The management at the Marich Pass Field Studies Centre liaises closely with the local chief and community elders. In turn, we have been accepted by the community, at first with some reservations, but now with enthusiasm. In order to support local development, principally through educational sponsorships in the area we maintain a Development Fund, which we support from profit, but also through charitable donations from our visitors. 

We hope our guests will be guided by this ethos, and that they will return from their visit to this fascinating corner of Africa, enlightened by their experience.

Hidat Roden